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 高德地图  APK Download

高德地图 APK

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Title: 高德地图
Author: 高德软件
Latest Version: 4.0 and up
Last Update: November 7, 2017

Download 高德地图 APK from 高德软件 last update November 7, 2017 and Developer Email jiangnali[@] Privacy Policy 北京市东城区北三环东路36号环球贸易中心B座20层

高德地图 高德地图---中国专业的手机地图,超过7亿用户正在使用!高德地图拥有全面精准的地点信息,特色语音导航、智能路线规划;省流量、耗电低、空间占用小、体验流畅,是您贴心的生活助手!





客服电话:400-810-0080 High moral map --- China professional mobile maps, more than 700 million users are using! High German map has a comprehensive accurate location information, features voice navigation, intelligent route planning; provincial traffic, low power consumption, small footprint, smooth experience, is your intimate life assistant!

Smart Route Planning
- Voice Search easily get directions, travel worry-free again
- Superior transit planning capacity, high-quality route at your fingertips
- Walking upgrade planning, indoor and outdoor full planning direct destinations

Precision navigation
- Quality driving directions, traffic accurate, real-time congestion avoidance
- Bus full navigation, arrival and transfer to a timely reminder, accurate real-time public transport, green travel, saving time and effort
- Lin Chi-ling goddess voice navigation, travel on the road more joyful

Accurate map data
- Map of deep plowing the field for many years, guarantee high accuracy location, roads, public transport data
- Precise positioning capability, access to the industry praise
- Offline map of cities across the country, while the offline navigation package available for free download, and enjoy accurate data traffic can save 90%

Wonderful neighborhood information
- Where to eat, where to stay, where to relax, go high, wonderful vicinity of the plate to take you around a good place for a stroll
- Get close to heart the election, but also to pay Alipay payment, high moral map Experience drink the whole process
- Where to play News weekend well recommended, good wonderful life too

【Contact information
Thank you to experience high moral map, the use of any problems directly in - feedback "My help and feedback," we will be processed in the first time and to be carried out by feedback
Android Official QQ group: 116 392 484
Official Sina microblogging: [@] High German map
Official micro-channel public number: High moral map / gaodeditu
Customer Service Tel: 400-810-0080

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 高德地图 APK Cover 高德地图 APK Cover 高德地图 APK Cover 高德地图 APK Cover 高德地图 APK Cover
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