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 Atom All in One Widgets  APK Download

Atom All in One Widgets APK

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Title: Atom All in One Widgets
Author: DLTO
Latest Version: 4.0 and up
Last Update: April 29, 2014

Download Atom All in One Widgets APK from DLTO last update April 29, 2014 and Developer Visit website Email cs[@] 서울시 서초구 바우뫼로 147

Atom All in One Widgets Atom Launcher’s Exclusive Widgets. The Widgets are fully compatible with Atom Launcher. Clock, Memo, Calendar, Contact and Switch widgets are in one package.

▶ In Atom All in One Widgets
- Digita clock : 4 types offering various style
- analog clock : 8 types offering various style
- Calendar: Today type(1x1), Monthly type(2x2), Offering Holiday information (Korea, USA, Chine, Japna)
- Quick Setting : WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Sync, Bright, Screen on/off, quick
- Contact: : Direct Message and Call keys, (Icon type)
Memo: Various Memo sheets, Colors

▶ In Atom Bar
- Clock
- Google Search
- Clock + Google Search
- Clock + Quick Setting
- Google Search + Quick Setting

▶ Attention
- Available from above Android OS 4.0.2 version
- The application needs 10 MB in total to save theme resources.
- Because of enhancing usability, installed theme doesn’t appear
- Not Available for Tab Device (X-large screen)

▶ Customer Support
Please leave reviews or comments. Your review will be appreciated.
For more information or support, please visit
- Facebook:
- CS E-mail: cs[@]

Screenshot Atom All in One Widgets APK

 Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover Atom All in One Widgets APK Cover
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